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A growing economy, recession and other such calamities notwithstanding, is driving companies to stretch themselves to reach out for new heights. If its not adventurous Multinational and Transnational companies, then ambitious and fast growing Indian Companies are aspiring to attain new heights by spreading themselves, not only to the 28 States and 7 union territories of India but also to other countries and continents. Contracts, relationships and alliances are allowing exponential rather than organic growth.

However, every story has a downside that allows heroes to rise and so also in this growth story. Every alliance, relationship and contract, be it with human resources, under environment, health and safety norms, terms of engagement of vendors, purchasers and contractors, alliance partners, collaborators and joint venture partners, can and do run into troubled waters resulting in disputes being settled through litigation or arbitration or any other legal method opted for dispute resolution.

The larger the company, the more complex are its relationships and the more difficult it is to manage them. Now therefore the heroes arrive, this time, in the form of technology based systems. A system, by its nature, allows for managing that which can be uniformly applied and understood. Compliances can be monitored and reviewed through technology driven tools, financial transactions have unique and effective systems for control, contacts management, contracts management, document management, the list goes on.

Another tool has emerged in the recent past, namely, Litigation Management. Though it is a well known norm in the west, its application is different there as it is mostly used by large law firms to manage their work. Litigation Management tools are useful to manage large scale litigation across borders, either within India or abroad, reining in the stakeholders, controlling costs and implementing effective risk management processes that reduce managerial time and costs to companies. More importantly, it allows for shared information, doesn’t permit re-inventing the wheel and allows for updated information and document management across the geographical spread of the company.

After its successful launch and over 250 implementations of its path breaking software, eLCM®, Chess Management Services, which has positioned itself as a leader and largest and most comprehensive Legal Compliance Management Service Provider in India, has challenged itself yet again, by introducing effective litigation management through implementing its web-enabled tool e-LIT.


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"Chess is dedicated to provide comprehensive and integrated services that will enable organizations institutionalize legal compliance management and mitigate risks."


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