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 eLCM® Overview


eLCM® is a flexible web-based platform that automates your compliance management process. It lets you deliver role-specific information across organisation's in a closed loop system to reduce risk arising out of non-compliances. It is a comprehensive online legal compliance scheduling and management software which helps you assess, monitor, track and report on compliance efforts with unprecedented ease and efficiency. It enables business managers to plan and monitor all compliance related activities.

eLCM® is easy to use software that allows your organisation to meet enterprise scalable compliance regulations. The standalone software automates the tedious task of identifying, assessing, tracking and auditing compliance to many regulations. Management reports and dashboards give a clear view of organisation's compliance efforts. It offers extensive scalability and adaptability to your organisation's specific needs.

eLCM® offers a more proactive solution to planning compliances so that the risk of non-compliances is greatly controlled. eLCM® takes advantage of the latest technology to fully secure the data with maximum confidentiality.

eLCM® is an intuitive web-based software which requires minimum training and external support. And it's easy to install, administer and maintain.



"Chess is dedicated to provide comprehensive and integrated services that will enable organizations institutionalize legal compliance management and mitigate risks."


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