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Legal Compliance Management transcends the conventional approach in handling compliances and goes beyond a mere checklist approach. Legal Compliance Management addresses the need for developing systems and processes within an organisation to ensure continual compliance. Chess has structured its legal research skills with this as the focus area.

Hence, our researchers are cross-functional and multi-talented. Our Legal Research team is a mix of experience and verve having lawyers, company secretaries, chartered accountants, industrial engineers and cost accountants in its fold.

The team addresses Industry Research, Legal Research, Legal Function mapping in line with the organisational structure and processes, Assessment and Risk Analysis.
Chess researchers are trained in extensive online and physical research, have visited several countries and studied various jurisdictions in the line of mapping and implementing compliance management systems.

Through this well trained team of professionals, Chess equips its clients with drivers required for them to reposition themselves continually to address compliances evolving around changing business requirements.

Our team is capable of analysing evolving legal requirements and their impact on industry, business and organisations and assist companies in implementing such legal requirements so as to reduce risk arising out of compliance failure.

In addition, our research skills also enable us to equip our partners with sufficient legal and industry related knowledge across several jurisdictions. Chess has done several legal research assignments for countries including Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia and India among other countries.



"Chess is dedicated to provide comprehensive and integrated services that will enable organizations institutionalize legal compliance management and mitigate risks."


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