Compliance Management Tool
eLCM is used to continually track, monitor, and audit whether business processes are aligned with applicable laws, organizational policies, and the standards of consumers and business partners. Enquire Now
Litigation Management Tool
eJURIST is a modern Litigation Management Solution that helps Law Firms, In-house teams, and lawyers to track, organize and schedule all daily actions related to litigation cases, court stages and hearings. Enquire Now
Contract Management Tool
ePATRA is used to create, negotiate, sign, renew and gather actionable data on legal contracts. It enables business teams to self-serve from templates owned by legal, so the business can agree and manage routine contracts at scale from one unified workspace. Enquire Now
Legal Update Services
Chess provides Legal update services and has a dedicated team of professionals to cater to the need of the clients to this end. Chess provides annual eLCM® legal content update service wherever necessary. View Samples

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Chess Management Services Private Limited is India’s first and most comprehensive Legal Compliance Management Systems service provider. Since year 2000, Chess has acquired vast knowledge and experience in assessing and implementing comprehensive compliance management systems including Legal Compliance Management Systems, Litigation Management Systems and Notice and Contract Management Systems. Chess audits the legal function structure of a company and provides solutions for effective control over the legal function. It’s vast network assist Chess in physically implementing legal compliances across various States of India. Know More…


To be the leader in Compliance Management Systems and to be a benchmark in the implementation of Corporate Governance Ideologies


To enable Companies to incorporate Legal Compliance Management Systems in order to enhance stakeholder value and mitigate risks.

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Our Services

Legal Risk Assessment

Compliance with law is the minimum guarantee provided by a well governed company. To address this

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Legal Due Diligence

Chess provides legal diligence services with focus on the following areas:
Company Law and SEBI Regulations

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Legal Update Services

In recent times there has been a plethora of changes in Indian Legal Infrastructure necessitated by growing trends of economic

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Legal Compliance Implementation

As a natural corollary to Legal Compliance Management, Risk Assessment and Corporate Assurance services

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Compliance Tools/Systems

♛ Legal Management System eLCM )

♛ Litigation Management System.

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Research and Surveys

Chess undertakes Legal Research and Surveys both nationally and internationally.

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Industries Covered

Chess is proud to serve clients who represent some of the biggest names in business in India and abroad. These industry leaders employed Chess to audit compliance levels and strategise on their legal compliance management systems. Chess can provide real industry expertise across broad range of industry sectors across India, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Indonesia.
At Chess, we carefully select our project teams to include the right expertise and ensure that the best professionals are available to meet client specific needs.
We have experience across a broad range of industry sectors, including:


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Importance of Compliance in formation of business policies

The action or reality of complying with a wish, command, or set of regulations is typically defined in dictionaries as compliance. This phrase can be applied to a variety of fields, including medicine, auditing, psychology, and production.

Labour Law Practice and Compliance

In India, law is about protecting the rights of its citizen and from this we can say, if we need to protect the rights of the employees, we need labour law. For different organizations there might be different labour laws to comply with…

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