Legal Due Diligence

Chess provides legal due diligence services with focus on the following areas.

➤Company Law & SEBI Regulations

➤ Financing

➤Company information, directors, key personnel’s interests and conflicts

➤Share capital and shareholders’ interests

➤ Status of statutory compliance with the applicable regulations

➤Licenses, permits, approvals and specific statutory compliances

➤Industrial Relations Issues

➤Assets both tangible and intangible – Identification of rights and liabilities

➤Litigation – judicial, quasi-judicial, arbitral and other administrative proceedings

➤Taxation issues – income tax, customs, excise and sales tax;

➤Insurance – quality of insurance cover

➤Contractual liabilities and commitments.

➤Environmental Issues – compliance with law and social issues

➤Areas where specific representations and warranties are needed

As a part of our Legal Due diligence services we have gained expertise in enabling our clients undertake mergers and acquisitions and to decide private equity investments. We identify issues and concerns in connection with the proposed acquisition, merger or private equity investment and undertake a comprehensive due diligence study.

The objectives of the Due Diligence study are:

➥ To assess the benefits and liabilities of the proposed acquisition by assessing all legal aspects of the past, present, and predictable future rights and liabilities of the target company.

➥ To identify the target company’s strengths and weaknesses, relevant risks and advantages within the legal framework, in connection with the proposed acquisition and to minimizing the risk of unexpected liabilities.

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