Chess Management Services Private Limited is India’s first and most comprehensive Legal Compliance Management Systems service provider. Since 2000, Chess has acquired vast knowledge and experience in assessing and implementing comprehensive compliance management systems including Legal Compliance Management Systems, Litigation Management Systems and Notice and Contract Management Systems. Chess audits the legal function structure of a company and provides solutions for effective control over the legal function. It’s vast network assist Chess in physically implementing legal compliances across various States of India.

Chess recognises the importance of Corporate Governance and its close ties with Compliance Management Systems. Regulatory systems, a growing economy and pressures of the market have brought the importance of corporate governance driven Compliances into sharp focus. However, the complexities involved in Compliance Management often become a stumbling block to compliance itself and as a corollary to the growth of a company.

These complexities include understanding Statutory, Regulatory, Market driven, transaction driven and Corporate Governance driven compliances. Structuring a compliance role for functionaries, identification of responsibilities, fixing accountability and having cogent and up to date documentation further complicates management of compliance. As part of its compliance framework a company also needs to implement its various policies and set up internal controls to showcase its governance standards.

Chess provides management solutions through introducing Legal Compliance Management Systems that encompass corporate assurances, legal compliances and litigation and contract management. Chess equips its clients with cogent Documentation, clear accountability and defined deliverables and an effective MIS. Chess uses expert skills and clean technology to set up simple tools which remove Compliance Management as a hurdle to business growth.

Chess has a team of well trained legal professionals and an internal process that has been duly tested in different legal systems including Common law system, Dutch-Roman, French and Russian systems to execute its assignments. A vast database of legal content duly coded under various retrieval windows is the added advantage. These solutions enable an organisation to prioritise on critical legal compliances and reduce the risk arising out of failures in compliance.

Chess has vast experience in auditing and implementing compliance management systems not only in almost every State in India but also in other jurisdictions such as Malaysia, Singapore, Algeria, Indonesia, Zambia and Kazakshtan and has an impressive array of clientele who are among the top five hundred companies in India.

Our mission

To enable Companies to incorporate Legal Compliance Management Systems in order to enhance stakeholder value and mitigate risks.


To be the leader in Compliance Management Systems and to be a benchmark in the implementation of Corporate Governance Ideologies

Our Core Values

Chess’s values are driven by our vision, our employee centric policies and business goals.

❶ Professional – comprehensive, consistent and reliable (systems based).

❷ Knowledge – cross application of law, business and technology.

❸ Integrity – Probity of customer’s information.

❹ Agility – learning and adapting to change.

❺ Trust – in people and their abilities